A Different Kind of Connection.

Permanent jewelry or what is called Zapping is precious medals that are bonded together so there’s no clasp, no losing it & no broken parts. We know you still have questions, but we are here to help!


Permanent jewelry is a simple classy style of jewelry that is clasp-less. It is meant to be put on and left on for an extended period of time. The jewelry is secured on in a more permanent manner using a small machine that Zaps, or connects, the metal together.

Permanent jewelry made from good metal(not all metals are created equal but we will get to that in a second) is swimming, showering, airport security safe. If you ever do need to take it off you simply cut where the jewelry was bonded, & then when you are ready to put it back on just come see us to get it Zapped, again.

Step 1 - Pricing

14k Gold Permanent Bracelets :
6-Inch: Starting at $180
6.5 Inch: Starting at $195
7-Inch: Starting at $210
7.5-Inch: Starting at $225
8-Inch: Starting at $240
8.5-Inch: Starting at $255

Sterling Silver Bracelet Prices:
6-Inch: $50
6.5-Inch: $55
7-Inch: $60
7.5-Inch: $65
8-Inch: $70
8.5-Inch: $75

Step 2 - Book an appointment

Let's get started! Visit the "Make an Appointment" link at the top of the homepage or right below to select your appointment with one of our skilled jewelers.Wanna make it a girls night out? Bring it on! If you're bringing some pals to get Zapped with you, make sure each person signs up for their own appointment to ensure we can accommodate every guest. (12 - 18 yrs old w/ parental consent)



  • You will try on and pick out what chain(s) you want. If you already know which chain(s) you want, please let us know before your appointment so we can try and make sure to have it for you. Sometimes certain styles sell out.
  • We will custom fit the chain to your wrist, ankle or neck and apply a temporary link so you can test to make sure the sizing is what you want. Once we have determined the perfect fit, we will begin with the Zapping process.
  • After you’re done with your Zapping session, make sure to tag us on social media with #zapping@HHBC
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Chelsea Blanton

We already knew that you have outstanding products and service, but this time was amazing. On Thursday afternoon I mailed a bag for a minor repair, expecting to see it in a week or so. When we opened the mailbox today (Saturday), there was the same box. I thought maybe the post office had made a mistake and returned it to me. Instead, there was the repaired bag with a nice note from your team. Thank you!

Cliff Lindsey

From the time I clicked "original leather handbag" into my search engine and found your site it has been wonderful. After looking at your selections and making my decision I called. I am not sure who I spoke with but she could not have been more helpful...from further describing the choices I had to assisting me in selecting a color. Then the purse arrived and I got to smell it! Thank you so much.

Sacha Nichols


Permanent Jewelry is a dainty solid gold chain style of your choosing that we custom fit and 'weld' onto your wrist. A welding machine is used to safely and painlessly ‘zap’ the two ends of the chain together to create a claspless permanent bracelet.


 Feel free to leave your questions to us. We will reply you within 24 hours!