Necklaces from Herman Hiss take center stage in your look.


Uniquely You

All necklaces make a statement. At Herman Hiss & Company, you’ll find necklaces and pendants whose statement says the wearer is feeling bold, charming, demure, trendy, delightful, daring or something else altogether. It’s up to you.

  • You can never go wrong with pearls. They match every personality.
  • Statement necklaces stand out from the crowd.
  • Chains, whether delicate or bold, are a classic choice.

  • A variety of materials make handsome necklaces for men.
  • Charms aren’t just for wrists. A charm necklace is compelling.
  • Slides added to chains keep your jewelry wardrobe fresh.


Through the Naledi Collection, Herman Hiss & Company customers find exquisite jewelry from a company that takes social responsibility seriously. Naledi pendants and necklaces are stunning.


Spartina captures the feel of a beachfront resort community in its jewelry collection.




Pandora charms aren’t just for bracelets. The charms can also be worn on necklaces, offering women an enchanting way to commemorate life’s charmed events, big and small.