Necklaces from Herman Hiss take center stage in your look.


Uniquely You

All necklaces make a statement. At Herman Hiss & Company, you’ll find necklaces and pendants whose statement says the wearer is feeling bold, charming, demure, trendy, delightful, daring or something else altogether. It’s up to you.

  • You can never go wrong with pearls. They match every personality.
  • Statement necklaces stand out from the crowd.
  • Chains, whether delicate or bold, are a classic choice.

  • A variety of materials make handsome necklaces for men.
  • Charms aren’t just for wrists. A charm necklace is compelling.
  • Slides added to chains keep your jewelry wardrobe fresh.


Through the Naledi Collection, Herman Hiss & Company customers find exquisite jewelry from a company that takes social responsibility seriously. Naledi pendants and necklaces are stunning.


Spartina captures the feel of a beachfront resort community in its jewelry collection.



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Endless colors and materials bring Mariana’s inspirations to life. These unique and original pieces of jewelry are made with special hand-cut gemstones, handmade crystals, and fabric beads, combined with Swarovski crystals.