Earrings from Herman Hiss complete your look.


The Earring Store at Herman Hiss

Whether it’s a simple, classic earring for a job interview or a sparkly piece for senior prom, Herman Hiss is your trusted source for earrings.

  • Classic gold hoops or pearl earrings never go out of style.
  • Earrings accentuate the face of the person wearing them.
  • Colorful earrings add personality to a traditional outfit.

  • Archaeologists have discovered earrings dating back to the Stone Age.
  • Historically, earrings have denoted social status.
  • In ancient history, earrings were primarily worn by men.


There will also be a need for classic, wearable jewelry. Carla creates affordable, traditionally-designed and crafted jewelry for the home or office.


Diamonds are an earrings’ best friend.  Herman Hiss & Company has diamond earrings in all sizes and shapes, from casual to formal.



Exotic, brilliant and colorful, Mariana earrings will get you noticed. Mariana has designs to accentuate the exuberance of youth as well as sophisticated pieces for confident, professional women.