Sunny Days on the Horizon at Herman Hiss March 20, 2019 – Posted in: The Latest

Snow may linger on the ground, but that’s not stopping Vicky Schultz from planning summer parties and trips to the beach.

Vicky, a sales associate at Herman Hiss for almost 19 years, is eager to try several items from the summer items arriving now in the store.
She’s already fallen in love with a colorful beach bag and towel from Vera Bradley. The bag cleans off easily, so she can brush it off and leave the sand at the beach. The colorful towel will be easy to spot after a refreshing dip in the lake.

When the sun goes down, Vicky plans on wrapping this neutral-color shawl with stylish fringe over her sundress so she can enjoy summer evenings outdoors with friends.

Diamonds are right in every season. Vicky loves how the yellow gold of this gorgeous halo ring makes the diamonds sparkle. The ring pairs perfectly with a classic tennis bracelet. Both pieces look lovely with other jewelry and effortlessly match every outfit, from casual to dressy.