Classic Jewelry and Bags are Highlights of Autumn August 9, 2017 – Posted in: Featured, The Latest

Herman Hiss Sales Associate Cathy Tacey looks forward to the vibrant colors and cooler temperature of a classic autumn in Michigan. Stop in the store this month and let Cathy show you some of her favorite items in our fall collection.

The Gears of Time 36-inch necklace ($175) sports a two-tone finish so versatile that Cathy recommends it for both casual and formal attire.

The matching Gears of Time 7-inch bracelet ($140) completes the lovely two-tone set.

You can’t go wrong with a timeless denim bag from Vera Bradley. Cathy loves this triple zip hipster shoulder bag. Priced at $88, this bag will serve you well.

If bright colors are more your style, then Cathy recommends the Hanover crossbody flame shoulder bag, also $88.

gold necklace with majestic gray opal ($150) pairs beautifully with a Primo champagne necklace ($135) to add understated elegance to all your favorite fall outfits