Sleek and Stylish Form Patti Ruby’s Personal Style March 15, 2017 – Posted in: Featured, The Latest

Sleek and stylish catch the eye of Sales Associate Patti Ruby when she browses the Herman Hiss showroom.

Her favorites include two pieces from Nambé.

First, there’s a no-nonsense Ice Cream Scoop ($25) by Nambé. Its restrained look is unexpected, but attractive. Plus who doesn’t like ice cream?

Next up is the Forte Medium Bowl ($150), also by Nambé. If you haven’t been in the store recently, you haven’t seen this bowl crafted from cement and metal. It’s one of the newest Nambé pieces showcased in the Hiss collection.

As dry winter air continues to dominate the region, Patti turns to the AHAVA skin care line. AHAVA is composed of minerals from the Dead Sea, giving it a clean smell. The scent doesn’t linger, making it perfect for those who don’t like to be cloaked in perfume. Prices range from $14.95 to $72.95.

Finally, when Patti wants to add some sparkle, her go-to jewelry is a stunning and glittery Swarovski bracelet at $119.

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